About Us

We are Eric and Jessica an ABDL couple based out of Chapel Hill North Carolina. We started talking in 2010 on a diapered people dating site and shortly after gathered the courage to meet. You realize what a small world it is when you are online and talking to people and by sheer luck that person is living 15 minutes away from you. After only a few dates and some eerie similarities in our likes and dislikes we quickly fell for each other and started dating. Years later and many trials to our relationship behind us we are still together and stronger than ever. Just recently we moved in together which has presented us a brand new challenge! Surviving each other and learning even more about our partner.

I, Eric, am a graphic designer currently not working in the graphic design world and dabbling a bit in management. I love reading and sports and especially music. Nothing can change your mood faster than turning up the volume to a good song on the radio.

Jessica is still in school at the moment for Biology and Anthropology. She’s brilliant in every sense of the word and probably one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s very tactile so if she’s having a bad day just as if she was truly the little girl she plays, a hug from daddy fixes everything. Vampire diaries, Greys Anatomy, Castle, you name it she’s seen it and can probably tell you every moment of every episode.

Our hope is that with these pages the ABDL’s out there scared of being caught and apprehensive about trying something new will see that our fetish is not so strange. It doesn’t run your life and can be a great way to relax and have fun. Who knows, if you’re brave you might even find someone who shares your interests! 😉

Thanks for visiting us at The Crinkle Corner, hope you enjoy what you read and come back often!


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