Being an AB/DL in the Real World


One of the questions that emerges when you first come out to the world as an ABDL is why? Why are you an ABDL? I’m sure there are some sciency psychological reasons as to why I enjoy wearing diapers and pretending to be little, but to me, that’s not why I am an ABDL. I am an ABDL because I love the feeling I get when my daddy powders me and pulls a clean diaper up between my legs. I’m an ABDL because I love the sound of the crinkling plastic when I run around our apartment after being diapered. I’m an ABDL because I have a fiancé who is so open and loving that I feel safe enough to enter little space and be my favorite version of myself.

So what is it like to be an ABDL? For me, being an ABDL is a lot like normal life… just with diapers. I get up in the morning, shower and go to work like the rest of the world. When I get home from work, I spend my afternoon cuddling with my daddy and puppies like most people do, I just have a little extra fluff between my legs and I don’t have to worry about using the potty. When we go out to dinner, I can have as much alcohol as I want and not worry about “popping the cork” because I’ve got that extra layer of protection to keep my clothes dry. I haven’t come out to many of my friends, but the ones that I have come out to have been open minded and welcoming, and I appreciate that every day. My best friend actually tried wearing with me a couple of years ago, and her wearing helped her discover more about herself and her fetish and she was able to talk about it with her new daddy and now she’s got perfect daddy for her too. Sometimes you get funny looks from people when you’re in the super market and you’ve got something crinkling between your legs, or you’ve got the saggy diaper bulge, but really, who cares? I’m probably never going to see them again, and if I do, then they’ll know that I wear diapers and that’s that. It’s kind of like an adventure, and that rush of “has anyone noticed?” makes it that much more fun to be an ABDL in the world, and that’s why I am super happy to be going on this journey with my fiancé, and most importantly, you!

And then there’s the stigma… I haven’t really had to deal with much of the stigma as I am new to exposing this side of myself to the world. When I see the other girls out there who are open about their lifestyle, I see there is a lot of hate from those who don’t understand. But what’s more important than the stigma and haters, is I see these strong and beautiful women respond and tell people exactly what they think without belittling the person who insulted them in the first place. I hope that when these haters (haters gonna hate hate hate) come after me, I will be strong enough to stand up to them and let them know that their words don’t hurt me.

And that’s what it’s like to be an ABDL, for me. J


Much love,

The Crinkle Princess ❤


The Rebirth of a Diaper Girl


I have been a diaper lover for all of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of finding diapers and wearing them and feeling such joy that I was sad to have to throw the diaper away. Some people go through this life feeling as though they are weird for enjoying the feel of a soft, crinkly diaper between their legs, but I found someone who shares those feelings and it opened me up to the world of AB/DL and has really allowed me to discover the depths of my love for diapers. It is my hope that one day some girl (or guy) who has been feeling this angst about enjoying diapers comes across this blog and realizes that loving diapers is not a weird thing. It’s actually a pretty great and unique thing that not many are brave enough to try in their lifetime.

I recently fell off the wagon when I went through some financial struggles and I felt like I was unable to afford diapers. I most definitely prefer the cutesy super thick diapers and I was worried that if I wore the less cute diapers too regularly my love for diapers would dwindle. I made it through the financial struggle, and although I’m still not 100% stable financially, I decided to invest in some cute diapers and I am in love! I got the Little Pawz diapers from ABUniverse and they are so thick and so cute and I can’t help but enjoy how they feel. I am in diaper heaven!

Another thing that has really helped me to come to terms with my diaper fantasies has been my wonderful Fiancé. He has also always been into diapers, and when we found each other we knew it was love at first site (or at least I did). Whenever I am little, he takes on this role of “daddy” and it is the most amazing thing in the world. If you don’t have a daddy, you should definitely try and find one like him, there’s nothing better than coming home from a hard day at work and being diapered and fed and just being able to immediately go into little space and be content.

That brings me to another point, little space. Everyone’s is different, and it depends on your age where your little space is and what it looks like. For me, I am usually about two years old. I can still walk, my talking is there but usually muffled by my thumb in my mouth, I have a bit of a temper and I tend to not take direction well. I wet myself without hesitation, and fight being checked. I love this side of my life and I can’t wait to explore it more. In the past I have found it difficult to go into little space with all of my school work and whatnot trying to take up space in my brain.

This blog post is entitled “The Rebirth of a Diaper Girl” because I am being reborn into my true self. I am officially going to allow myself to enter little space whenever I am diapered, and leave all worries in adulthood. I plan on playing with my dolls and stuffies much much more, and just being the cute little girl I was always meant to be. These past couple of days daddy has diapered me as soon as I got home from work and cuddled with me and played with me and I hope this continues to happen so I can be a baby when I’m not at work. I also plan to keep this blog going to discuss diapers, being an adult baby, and offer some advice to those out there who wear for incontinence purposes, and those who wear because they share a similar adoration for the feeling of a crinkly diaper between your legs. What is your little space like? What are some of your reasons for wearing diapers?


Much love,

The Crinkle Princess ❤