Keep your fingers crossed!!

Eric and I have been ABDL’s for a long time and met on a site that no longer exists in the ABDL world but recently we discovered that our roommate (My best friend in the world) may be and ABDL as well. She has asked on a few occasions now about it and in the last few days has even asked if she could have a diaper or two and try a bottle. So I bought her a giraffe diaper bag because its her favorite animal and Eric and I have packed it with one of each diaper we have. Bambino Bellisimo, Tena Slip Maxi, Cushie, Fabine Exklusiv, Abena M4, Aww So Cute. Needless to say with this variety we are hoping to find something that she likes to get her hooked 😉

We also included a disney baby bottle and a 3 different brands of pacifiers. We even caught her suckling the Nuk 5 we gifted her this morning asleep on the couch. Pretty exciting stuff! 😀  We will keep you all posted!

Jessica ❤️


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