How to build a better ABDL Diaper Bag

Once upon a time as younger ABDL’s we played with this idea of having diaper bags for ourselves that we would carry around with us with everything a big baby would need. Needless to say as 16-18 year olds this was more of a pipe dream than a reality as we lived with out parents and didn’t want to be caught. As college rolled around and our out of the house freedoms became apparent we started to venture more into our ABDL lives and experiment.

We knew we wanted diaper bags but didn’t know where to start. After many hours on google and the Babies R Us website and etsy we came up with a couple of bags on a list that we really liked. After some deliberation we had picked 4. 2 for each of us so we could exchange them out from time to time. Well not too long after receiving them we were set to pack them. From experience I can tell you it doesn’t matter what the size of the baby you’re packing the diaper bag for, a lot of thought goes into it.


For us there were some clear essentials. Obviously and most importantly at least 2 diapers and sometimes 3. Of course your powder and wipes. Now beyond this you’d think not much right? WRONG! We must include plastic bags to tie up dirty diapers so as not to stink up our area, pacifiers to soothe the baby, maybe a security blanket, bottles or dippy cups, snacks like crackers and fruit roll ups, crayons and paper or a small activity book, tissues for runny noses, and gum for Mommy or Daddy 😜


I hope this helps if you’re considering a diaper bag for play with friends, significant others, loved ones!



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