Super Dry Kids Review – Eric

If you’re looking for something cute to wear this very well could be the diaper for you. I’ve been wearing these for years now with our collection of diapers and I enjoy the variety.


These are designed to look like the Pampers of yester-year which is probably one of the reasons why I like them so much. I can remember a time in my youth of discovering diapers by taking them from my grandparents house while all my cousins were being born. There were almost always Luvs but more often Pampers in their stash so I was spoiled during my discovery 😜. But anyways back to the SDK diaper, it’s appearance is that of the early 90’s pampers and that’s probably why I like them so much.


Absorbency & Longevity

This is where this diaper is lacking. I feel like because it is geared more as a play diaper it’s lacking in the absorbency department. I think 2 good wettings and it’s definitely done. The plastic exterior doesn’t hold up to the standards of other diapers as well. That said the leg gatherers are far superior to some of the medical brands of diapers on the market.


Price per diaper here is great at $1.37 per diaper. Case of 80 for $110 from http://www.abuniverse.com The people that run this website are great about sales and deals and letting their followers and fans know through social media so be sure to follow them on Twitter.

Overall 7.5/10

This diaper is very cute but not so much a diaper I would use on a regular basis for wetting. Definitely seems more like a “play” diaper as it’s designs are it’s most valuable quality.



Just an Update

So, as you all know, my best friend and apartment mate has recently discovered a love for diapers.  She has been slowly experimenting with the idea of our lifestyle since I opened up to her, and Eric moving in really catalyzed the discovery.

It all started when she talked to me about grinding her teeth at night and asked me if she could try out a pacifier, and since then she’s discovered that she really likes diapers.  She’s even asked us to diaper her, and refers to me as sissy, and Eric as daddy.  It’s really quite adorable.  The only thing that would be better would be if we had an ACTUAL nursery to play in.

Anywho, I just wanted to write this update so you all would know that we’re all doing fine and that we’re just having a lot of fun exploring what it really means to be an abdl.


Keep your fingers crossed!!

Eric and I have been ABDL’s for a long time and met on a site that no longer exists in the ABDL world but recently we discovered that our roommate (My best friend in the world) may be and ABDL as well. She has asked on a few occasions now about it and in the last few days has even asked if she could have a diaper or two and try a bottle. So I bought her a giraffe diaper bag because its her favorite animal and Eric and I have packed it with one of each diaper we have. Bambino Bellisimo, Tena Slip Maxi, Cushie, Fabine Exklusiv, Abena M4, Aww So Cute. Needless to say with this variety we are hoping to find something that she likes to get her hooked 😉

We also included a disney baby bottle and a 3 different brands of pacifiers. We even caught her suckling the Nuk 5 we gifted her this morning asleep on the couch. Pretty exciting stuff! 😀  We will keep you all posted!

Jessica ❤️


How to build a better ABDL Diaper Bag

Once upon a time as younger ABDL’s we played with this idea of having diaper bags for ourselves that we would carry around with us with everything a big baby would need. Needless to say as 16-18 year olds this was more of a pipe dream than a reality as we lived with out parents and didn’t want to be caught. As college rolled around and our out of the house freedoms became apparent we started to venture more into our ABDL lives and experiment.

We knew we wanted diaper bags but didn’t know where to start. After many hours on google and the Babies R Us website and etsy we came up with a couple of bags on a list that we really liked. After some deliberation we had picked 4. 2 for each of us so we could exchange them out from time to time. Well not too long after receiving them we were set to pack them. From experience I can tell you it doesn’t matter what the size of the baby you’re packing the diaper bag for, a lot of thought goes into it.


For us there were some clear essentials. Obviously and most importantly at least 2 diapers and sometimes 3. Of course your powder and wipes. Now beyond this you’d think not much right? WRONG! We must include plastic bags to tie up dirty diapers so as not to stink up our area, pacifiers to soothe the baby, maybe a security blanket, bottles or dippy cups, snacks like crackers and fruit roll ups, crayons and paper or a small activity book, tissues for runny noses, and gum for Mommy or Daddy 😜


I hope this helps if you’re considering a diaper bag for play with friends, significant others, loved ones!



Spring Cleaning!

Folks it’s been an odd winter with extreme low temperatures and lots of really cold days. Fortunately the time has come and we are starting to see some warm weather and you know what that means…. Spring Cleaning!! Jessica and I have been cleaning all morning and it looks more like a tornado went through our apartment 😄

We rediscovered some old diaper bags and it reminded me of our old posts on how to build a better diaper bag for AB/DL’s so hopefully we will get around to writing about that soon. Also we found a plethora of pacifiers which I know Jessica would love to explain each brand to everyone and her likes and dislikes so you the viewer may better pick one for yourself!

Hope you all are having as great of a warm Sunday as we are