Tena Slip Maxi Review – Jessica

I’ve been trying these for a while now and feel they are one of the better day and night time diapers out there for me at the moment but I feel it’s important to explain all the reasons why this diaper is so great


While it may be a very standard looking diaper to the blind eye I believe it’s the purple and the white that really make it cute. We girls don’t have to be models to rock this diaper and make it hot. And don’t get me started on the cut of this diaper; it has to be one of the more comfortable ones due to it’s shape. There’s no bunching at the crotch and it fits my hips wonderfully.

Absorbency & Longevity

Another great perk of this diaper is how long you can wear it and still feel great. Now I’m not one for enjoying diaper rash so I do enjoy my diaper changes, but I do enjoy the feel of this diaper while it’s wet and it holds up great for the amount of time you’re wearing to the number of wettings. On top of that the way it swells when wet really is similar to the swell of a baby diaper 😜


So you can pay to have them imported from the UK but that can get price unless you’re getting a bunch at once like we do. Otherwise your next best option is Bambinodiapers.com. There you can get a case of 72 for anywhere from 104.95 – 117.95 depending on size making them 1.46 – 1.64 dollars per diaper which is a great value!

Overall 8.5/10

This diaper is worth checking out if you haven’t already and it’s definitely in my top 3 for favorite comfort and value.



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