Fabine Original Review – Jessica

Before I start to gush about how awesome these diapers are and how that are my number one favorite diaper I think its important to say this, they’re definitely too thick to hide. So if you’re a brave ABDL and you like wearing to your college classes or to dinner with your parents I urge you to reconsider wearing this one out unless you want to be caught 😛


This is no standard medical grade diaper with a plain exterior, this diaper is designed for and geared towards ABDL’s. I love how little I feel when wearing these because the thickness makes me waddle. Another great part of this diaper design is that they have an all over print instead of just a printed tape applied at the front. This I think is the reason why it feels so much like a baby diaper. The cut of this diaper is such that it fits my crotch wonderfully but maybe slightly bulky in the butt (not that that is a bad thing 😉 ). Fabine even makes a Christmas variety of this diaper which is über cute!

Absorbency & Longevity

Now this diaper is top notch in regards to its absorbency. You can wet it multiple times and the material used in this diaper locks away the wetness and swells up very nice. When I’m put in this diaper its generally a diaper I can wear all day and who wouldn’t want to be in one of these all day?!? Nothing better than the feeling of a thick bulky diaper spreading your legs apart and making your hips waddle in those tight jeans while walking in front of your daddy 😀


So once again this is one of those imported diapers except this time its a German diaper. You can buy these per pack from http://www.buntewindel.de , but the site is in german. Upon entering the site click on the English Flag to have the translated version. Heres the big kicker on these diapers, the diapers themselves are actually not all that expensive but having them shipped to the US is. There are 4 packs to a box so consider your shipping as such.

Currently these are unavailable on their website and we believe these might not be coming back, to be replaced by a new design labeled as the “2014 edition”

Overall 10/10

My favorite diaper of them all at the moment. Ill be a sad little girl if these don’t come back but if you get the opportunity boys and girls you absolutely must try these!


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